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One of the most notable events throughout the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona was done when Nokia X devices had been presented. These phones represent the arrival of Nokia to Android. With the history of the Finnish company, this movement must be rated at least unique. We analyze the implications of this movement and the operational reality of these device.

Nokia has not used pure Android, but thanks to the terms of AOSP that could take the code and modify it to your liking, based on version 4.1.2 Jelly Bean, as it did for Kindle Fire of Amazon.

Google applications have also been left out that we usually find in most Android devices. The services provided have been replaced by their counterparts from Microsoft and Nokia itself. For example, Gmail for Outlook, G Maps for HERE Maps, Skype Hangouts, Play Music by MixRadio, Drive by OneDrive, etc.

More importantly, Google Play Store has been omitted which is the application store in most of the android devices of the great Mountain valley company.

These applications may be installed in some cases carrying the APK file of each, but it will not always work. In fact, it has been found that services such as Gmail or Maps are not working too well.

Creating own store application, alternative to Google Play is one of the most significant points of the intentions of Nokia. That way, you take away part of the benefits given by the Mountain View. Interestingly it will allow the use of other alternative stores such as Amazon.

One of the applications mentioned above, MixRadio, has never been on Android and possibly is not expected. The question is how it can clearly run on a device with this OS?

The answer lies in the Xamarin platform which specializes in bringing the Microsoft .NET framework beyond Windows. In short, it is possible to use applications written in the parameters set by the Redmond to its OS in other environments without rewriting them from zero.

This opens the possibility that in the future Microsoft and Nokia could launch own applications more easily on the X line and perhaps in Android in general, without having to program them from scratch as they have done with many services such as Boing, OneDrive, OneNote, etc.

Nokia X will be launched in India from March 15th and will be priced at Rs 8500.


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