1-2-3FileConvert 5.0

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1-2-3FileConvert 5.0

1-2-3FileConvert can easily converty PDF files to Word, Excel, Image
and Postscript documents which then can be edited as required .All the
formatting of the original file is retained after conversion. Text,
layout, images and tables are all kept intact. In fact, you can even
extract relevant images like logos, banners etc. from the PDF file. You
also have the option of converting your PDF to the .rtf format.


  • Convert PDF to Excel: 1-2-3FileConvert now gives you the power of converting PDF files to Excel with minimal effort. The whole of PDF file would be converted into a single excel sheet for your ease. Multiple pages would be clearly & neatly separated by a single line and pages would be numbered precisely.
  • Convert PDF to Image: It now comes with the advantage of converting PDF into image . With the power of 1-2-3FileConvert you can now convert PDF into JPEG format. Individual image would be created for every page and stored in a specified folder for later use.
  • Conversion of PDF to Postscript: With New and improved 1-2-3FIleConvert, conversion of PDF to Postscript can be easily achieved. It gives you the power of selecting and then realizing your output.
  • Convert Scanned PDF into Word File: 1-2-3 File Convert empowers you with state of art OCR (Optical character recognition) feature which allows you to convert your scanned PDF documents into editable Word format. The document gets converted into flowing text format. You can have access to profitable information confined in a scanned or digital document effortlessly and cost-effectively.


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