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Aloaha PDF Signator

Authenticity and integrity of PDF documents are increasingly becoming more important. Contrary to general belief PDF files can easily be modified. Thus digital signatures become more and more important. PDF (Portable Document Format) is a common open format for digital documents. The Aloaha PDF Signator can sign and timestamp any existing PDF Document. Aloaha does not require special prepared PDF documents or signature fields.

The digital signature of the PDF file will automatically be checked and indicated by the PDF viewer (Acrobat Reader). The customer needs not to install specific software for this checking process. The Aloaha PDF Signator supports software certificates and qualified certificates on SmartCards/e-ID Cards. All CSP supported SmartCards are also supported by Aloaha. Some SmartCards are supported native. These cards do not require a CSP (Crypto Service Provider) installed.

Features of Aloaha PDF Signator
* PDF Signator allows you sign PDF documents without any need to purchase full Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Document Server for Reader extensions. This dramatically reduces the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Software Certificates and Smart Cards are supported.
* Using PDF Signator you can now open, view and navigate PDF documents directly within PDF Signator. Thus allowing you to view and sign the document all from the same application. (freeware feature).
* No other 3rd party PDF Reader is required.
* All Smart Cards supported via CSP!
* A broad range of Cards supported native – for these Cards no CSP is required


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