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Docsmartz Word to PDF Creator 1.0

The Word to PDF Converter converts any Word doc to PDF with brilliant results and minimum botheration. Word documents are converted to PDF perfectly, while retaining its graphics, layout, fonts and formatting. Word to PDF converter is very convenient to use as it can be used from the Word interface itself. On installing Word to PDF Converter, a small ‘Create PDF’ icon appears in the Word toolbar. The user is just required to open the word file and click on ‘Create PDF’ icon. Now select a suitable location to name and save the converted PDF file.


  • Quick and specific conversion : The Word to PDF Converter is quick, precise, specific and economical software. This software gives fast and specific results to the user. There is no limit to conversion so you can feel free to convert as many word files to PDF as you want.      
  • Conversion retains every detail of the formatting : Every detail is retained by the software. Your PDF document will be having all its formatting styles the layout, images, fonts and graphics as they were in original document.     
  • An easy and fast Word to PDF conversion process : On installation of Word to PDF Converter, a ‘Create PDF’ icon emerges in your Word toolbar. All you need to do is open the doc file that you want to convert to PDF and click ‘Create PDF’ icon from your Word toolbar. From the pop-up window that opens, select a location to save your file and click save. Now your word file is converted and saved as a PDF!      
  • Benefits of PDF format : It’s easy-to-use wizard style interface, reduces the learning curve to a great extent, which is an intrinsic part of new software.      
  • Text Features: Once your Word document gets converted to PDF, it becomes a true PDF with all its consequent benefits. Due to the light size of PDF, it becomes easy to distribute through e-mail, print out and open in any program that can open a PDF.


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