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GIF to PDF Creator

GIF to PDF creator application converts .gif file format photos, images,
pictures and snapshot into PDF files. GIF to PDF conversion tool has
feature to create PDF document of all the selected images in one PDF
document containing all the listed images or individual PDF files. GIF
to PDF Converter is affordable application to convert images into PDF
documents with high quality printing resolution. Gif to PDF Conversion
tool creates PDF from gif images formats.

GIF to PDF creator is compatible with various windows operating systems
such as win 98, win 2000, win 2003, win 2008, win XP, win NT, win ME and
Vista. GIF image to PDF converter tool can convert .gif files into pdf
documents into some easy steps. GIF to PDF converter tool is a user
friendly tool batch image conversions process. GIF2PDF converter is
cost-effective and the easiest way to convert images into PDF documents.

Key Features

  • Software converts gif images, pictures, photos, snaps and
    digital photographs into PDF files.
  • Highly interactive graphical user interface.
  • Supports batch image conversion for gif pictures.
  • Stand alone application for pdf conversion.
  • User does not any special technical knowledge to handle this


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