Lightning PDF Printer 1.00

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Lightning PDF Printer 1.00

Ligtning PDF makes creating PDF files as easy as printing.

PDF files are the standard for document sharing in business. Being able to create a PDF file of a document makes electronic distribution easy and eliminates any compatibility issues people might have with other file formats.

Ligtning PDF is a completely free beta version program. We continue to work on expanding its features and capabilities, but hope you will find this PDF printer a useful tool and will try our other software utilities.

Print PDF Features:

  • Works like a printer to create PDF files
  • Print to PDF files instead of to a printer
  • Print PDFs from any application (e.g., Word, Excel, OpenOffice, etc.)
  • Save PDFs in a Text Format for smaller vector files that can be scaled, selected, and edited
  • Text Format files can be edited with a PDF editor (e.g., Adobe Acrobat)
  • Save PDFs in an Image Format to create rasterized files that are exact replicas of the original document
  • Create files that can be viewed from any PDF reader (e.g., Adobe Reader)


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