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PDF Creator Pro 2.0

GIRDAC PDF Creator Pro is an enterprise application for creating PDF documents from Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files by direct selection. It can also creates PDF file from more than 300 Windows applications.  GIRDAC PDF Creator Pro creates PDF documents in conformance with the latest version of PDF Reader.


System Requirements

  • Personal computer with Intel Pentium 133-MHz or faster processor.
  • 64 MB of RAM (Preferably 128 MB RAM or higher).
  • 10 MB of available hard-disk space.
  • Super VGA (800 × 600) or higher-resolution monitor.
  • PDF Creator Pro runs on Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003 Server, Windows Vista, Windows 2008 Server and also Windows 7.
  • Internet Connection for Product Activation. Computers without Internet connection need offline product activation.
  • Compliance to One Product on One System License Policy.

PDF Creator Pro

  • Creates PDF file from Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files.
  • Creates PDF file from any printable file.
  • Creates PDF file by simply dragging and dropping Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files.
  • Combines multiple documents to create a single PDF file.
  • Adds custom watermarks to PDF file.
  • Protects PDF document from viewing, editing, copying or modifying through password.
  • Secures PDF file by applying 128-bit encryption algorithm.
  • Sets PDF document properties: Title, Author, Subject, Keywords, date and time created, date and time modified, PDF version, application name, and PDF producer.
  • Sets PDF default view settings: Zoom, Page Display, Page Mode, Open Page Number, and Page Rotation.
  • Creates PDF A/1-b documents in compliance with ISO 19005-1 archiving standards.
  • Saves PDF settings for later use.
  • Optimizes PDF document for different purposes.
  • Customizes user interface with file selection folder, PDF folder, Page range, Style, User Interface Language, Combining PDFs, Opening PDF after creation, Showing menu help tooltips, and Showing buttons, textboxes help tooltips.
  • Shows Conversion Report after converting PDF document.
  • Allows multiple users to use PDF Creator Pro on the same system.
  • Supports partial PDF creation with selected page range.
  • Opens PDF document after creation.
  • Has an easy to use single screen conversion interface, no wizards, no multiple screens.
  • Supports user options to override default options.
  • Supports user options to override default options.
  • Displays contextual help while using PDF Creator Pro.
  • Extends free PDF Creator Pro updates.
  • Provides 24-hour email support.



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