PDF-File Word to PDF Conveter 3.0

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PDF-File Word to PDF Conveter 3.0

Converting Word files to PDF is as easy as clicking a button. Just click the Create PDF icon in your Word tool bar – and you are done!

Can create PDF files from Word files. You can convert Word to PDF through a very easy-to-use interface.Just open the Doc file you need converted to PDF and click the Create PDF icon in your Word tool bar. When you install Word to PDF Converter, this icon appears by default. From the pop-up window that opens select a location to save your file and click the Save button.

The Word to PDF Converter is one of te fastest Word to PDF converters around. The software has been optimized to give fast and accurate results every time.

When you convert your Word doc to PDF, it retains all of its original style and detail. Complete formatting, layout, fonts and graphics are absolutely like the original.

Your Word-converted PDF has all the benefits of a normal PDF. Distribute it easily through e-mail, print it out accurately and open in any program which you would normally open your PDFs. These programs would include Acrobat Reader, Adobe Photoshop or any other program.



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