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PDF Sign&Seal 4.4

PDF Sign&Seal is a standalone desktop application that makes it easy to use digital signatures, time-stamps and strong encryption on business documents. It has been carefully designed for busy managers that have ease of use as a priority. Using PDF Sign&Seal anyone can easily create, sign or protect a business document. These might be internal or external financial, HR, legal, sales and marketing, support services, compliance, R&D, or consultancy documents.

PDF Sign&Seal provides advanced features for designing your own visible signatures appearance that can include hand-signature images, company logos, engineering seals and other data items, making it ideal for business managers and professionals such as architects, engineers, lawyers, accountants, consultants, doctors, clinicians, inspectors and notaries.

Features & Benefits:

  • PDF Viewing: PDF Sign&Seal allows users to view PDF in tabbed interfaces. The neat user interface is designed like Microsoft Office 2007. This allows users to work with many PDF documents at a single time. It also supports zoom, navigate bookmarks, links and thumbnails. It provides easy access to comments and signature details. User can also set themes from Office 2007 blue, black and silver.
  • PDF/A Signature Support: PDF Sign&Seal can sign PDF/A 1a and 1b compliant documents. PDF/A is an archive format of the PDF standards and now recognised as ISO 19005-1:2005. It was conceived to ensure that documents can be accurately rendered in years to come. This is the format of choice when archiving PDFs.
  • PDF creation: PDF Sign&Seal includes a print driver utility called PDF Sign&Seal Make that enables users to create PDF files from Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, TIF images, AutoCAD, Visio and many other file types using the File>print command or via Windows Explorer right click operations. Multiple files can be selected and processed automatically so that you don’t need to separately open and convert each file.
  • Create & sign PDF(s) in single step: Using the PDF Sign&Seal right-click functionality (or the PDF Sign&Seal Make printer driver) you can convert various file types to PDF documents and then digitally sign the resulting PDFs in a single operation.
  • Create, sign, seal and email in one go: Within PDF Sign&Seal Make you can configure the workflow of what happens after you create a PDF. You choose to have it signed (including embedding of timestamp), and/or sealed and attached to email for delivery to your recipients as a single seamless operation.
  • Flexible signature appearance designer: You have complete control over precise signature appearance to be stamped on your PDFs – an important requirement for tailored signature appearance in many fields. No other software provides same level of flexibility in defining signature appearance items, their size, shape and positions, text font, size and colour, whether to include borders and many more options. The inbuilt design utility makes it easy to drag/drop and resize signature appearance items.


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