PDF-XChange Viewer Pro SDK 2.048

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PDF-XChange Viewer Pro SDK

There are 3 distinct products available for the inclusion of PDF Viewing within the developer’s Software application – either of the below maybe purchased individually – or the Viewer PRO SDK containing both items below as a ‘bundled’ option.

The Viewer Simple DLL SDK provides the developer with set of functions to create a means to View/Print PDF files within a window embedded in their software application. Both the GUI design and means of employing the provided functionality is very much left in the developer’s hands and no Tracker branding is visible within the Developer’s product.

The Viewer ActiveX SDK option is a fully featured, ready to incorporate facsimile of the End User PDF-XChange Viewer, again embedded within a Window of the application, the developer is able to hide and disable most of the controls and functions within the SDK and some GUI tailoring is possible – but Tracker Software branding is present and required from the ‘About’ Window of the embedded viewer. The ActiveX is also

Clarion Developers have the choice of using our generic toolkits, or our Clarion specific SDKs which offer Clarion specific Help and Examples, along with comprehensive classes and templates for all versions of Clarion from C5b and up, making its major functions simple to incorporate into their project.


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