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Simpo PDF Merge and Split

Simpo PDF Merge & Split is an application which supports you to merge and split your PDF document. With this excellent tool, you can easily merge a batch of PDFs into one PDF, either the whole part or just some parts of them. Meanwhile, by using split function, you can extract a range of pages from a PDF document or split it by the page number. Addition to that, you can also remove the specific page from the PDF.

Feature in Merge:

  • Merge PDFs into a PDF document:
    Simpo PDF Merge & Split provides you an easy-to-use interface to combine a batch of PDFs into a single PDF document. You just need “add files”, press “merge” button, then done!
  • Select the proper part to merge:
    If you just need to merge some specific part of your PDF documents together, Simpo PDF Merge & Split can also fulfill your need. Go to “merge method”, set the part range of your PDF, then merge it!
  • Password and PDF description setting:
    Like all the PDF creators, Simpo PDF Merge & Split gives you a high security setting to protect your copy right. You can set password, disable copy, disable print etc. Addition to that, you can set the property of your PDF as well.


Feature in Split:

  • Precisely split:
    By using Simpo PDF Merge & Split, you can select any part which you want to split. It can be the whole PDF or you can specify the proper part to split.
  • Split by page number:
    Simpo PDF Merge & Split supports you to split your PDF document into separate parts by page number, if you specify 3 pages, then each 3 pages of your PDF will be a separate PDF document.
  • Extract specific page or part from PDF document:
    By using Simpo PDF Merge & Split, you can extract any part from your PDF document. It can be a single page or a specific part. All you need to do is set the extract range, and then you will get it.
  • Remove any page or part of PDF document:
    If you need to remove some proper parts of your PDF document. With Simpo PDF Merge & Split remove feature, you can easily do it. Just specify the page or part which you want to remove.
  • Set the name of the output PDF documents:
    After split, you will get a batch of PDF documents. Simpo PDF Merge & Split allows you to give the name of each PDF document to make your work more convenient.
  • Password and PDF description setting:
    It’s the same with merge function; Simpo PDF Merge & Split provides a lot of options to secure your document. After descript the document, it will be more professional and easier to recognize!

System Requirements:

  • Operating System: 2Bit /64Bit System, Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000

What's New

  • Fixed some minor bugs.


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