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Calendar Wizard

Calendar Wizard will create and print calendars. Unlike commercially
available dog calendars that never seem to offer the breed you like,
Boris calendars that aren’t as adventurous as you remember them being
in years past and bank calendars which you know full well are only free
because the bank wants your money, Calendar Wizard’s calendars can be
customized to suit your taste and whatever pictures you’d like to look
at for the next twelve months.

Create calendars of your family and friends, the greatest
carburetors of the 1950’s, breathtaking images of mildly repulsive
wildlife, your proudest golf swings, unmentionable graphics downloaded
from the Internet, your twelve favourite Grateful Dead album covers,
close-up photographs of the moons of Jupiter, famous people with last
names no one can easily remember at a party, your entire collection of
decorative socks… the list is endless.

Calendar Wizard’s calendars also make excellent gifts if you’re really cheap.

Easy to use and quick to learn, Calendar Wizard will have you
denuding acres of old-growth forest to create professional, attractive
calendars in minutes. Its internal pagination function can print
double-sided calendars which hang like conventional bank calendars –
even if you don’t have a double-sided printer.

This software is available for electronic delivery and on CD-ROM.

Calendar Wizard includes:

  • Build complete calendars in minutes.
  • Import graphics from many other popular Windows applications.
  • Create calendars for any year from 1583 onward – perfect for friends who seem to be living in a time warp most days.
  • Add your own important dates to your calendars.
  • Exchange calendar files with other users of Calendar Wizard.


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