Freebie Notes 3.35

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Freebie Notes is a fully customizable notes organizer that can be used
to remind you of your next appointment to the dentist or to pay an utility bill.

Among the customization options you can:

  • Change note colors and font appearances.
  • Set notes to remember your next due date for homework, a doctor’s appointment, or your child’s sporting event.
  • Enjoy pop-up and audio actions when an event appears on your desktop.
  • Review your entire notes and to re-edit them.
  • Export notes to text files to allow the notes to be distributed or re-used.
  • Can start up when Windows starts to remind you of appointments (preferred).
  • Create an unlimited amount of notes.

And best of all, it’s free! It beats any commercial product out there
and requires no additional setup – it just works out of the box!

Mary needed to be reminded to determine if she should continue or cancel
her cable service after her one-year contract runs out to avoid
automatic renewal. Mary created a note to remind her this time next year
to reconsider renewal or else to cancel service. One year later, Mary
was reminded to do this and saved her a ton of headache and money!

David has memory problems so he creates a note to remind him when his
homework is due. Now his homework is never late and he gets A’s on top
of that! Great!

William uses his computer non-stop and feels hungry. He puts his food in
the oven and creates a note to remind him to check it. His food is
checked at the time time and he avoids nasty food. Yum-yum!

Beth needs an alarm clock so she’s not late for her finals tomorrow but
has no money. So she tells FreebieNotes to wake her up at 8:00am the
next morning to the tune of her favorite song. She awakes the next
morning, bright and early, rocking and rolling to class to pass her
finals and graduates with a college degree!

It’s so easy to use FreebieNotes here is a brief tutorial:

After installation the program will appear on your desktop. Click the
button with the yellow note folded at the corner, type the event title
on the first line, move down a couple of spaces and type your message,
set a date, time, or use any of the other available options, click OK
and enjoy being reminded on time.

Freebie Notes by PowerSoft is guaranteed to suit your everyday
productivity need!

System requirements

Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003, 64 MB RAM, 2 MB Hard Disk

Interface languages

English, German, Spanish, French,
Italian, Dutch, Maltese, Russian, Polish, Ukrainian, Chinese, Greek,
Portuguese, Korean, Romanian, Danish, Serbian, Finnish, Czech,
Slovenian, Bulgarian, Hebrew, Indonesian, Turkish, Croatian, Slovak,

What's New

· Optimized storing of settings and parameters of the program
Fixed bugs:
· Some minor bugs


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