NeoN Reminder 1.31

NeoN Labs
1.01 MB
Operating System
Windows Vista Windows Xp
Personal Info Managers

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NeoN Reminder

NeoN Reminder is a powerful and easy to use personal reminder for
Windows 98/ME/2000/XP users, that includes calendar and reminder

NeoN Reminder employs simple and user-friendly
interface to make working with this software simple and intuitive. The
advanced features of NeoN Reminder allow you to organize all of the
important dates, appointments, and occasions in your life. The program
stays in the tray and does not interfere with your activities.


  • Sleek intuitive interface.
  • Drag and drop interface for rescheduling of your events (simply drag an event to a different date on the main calendar and you are done).
  • One time, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly reminder options.
  • Specify exact day and time your reminder will appear.
  • Icons on the main calendar help to easily determine how your schedule looks like. Moving your mouse over an event will instantly show it’s title and time in the status bar and in the hint window.
  • Import your own custom icons.
  • Import and export options.
  • The program can be launched automatically upon Windows startup and minimized to the system tray (are near the system clock).
  • Configurable user interface. Change the font name, the text and hint colors.
  • Complete privacy (All reminders are stored on your hard drive).
  •    NeoN Reminder will never let you forget anything! 


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