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Pagico Professional

Small business and freelancers often work on multiple projects, and keep track of their clients. Pagico organizes projects (files, notes, and ToDo lists), and contact-specific information (files, conversation notes, and tasks). In the world of business, people want things done as fast as possible. Don’t worry! Pagico, your organizer, is out there helping you boost your productivity. Getting things done is as simple as putting an elephant into your refrigerator in your daily life. topics to centralize your ideas, Stickies to take quick notes, Contacts to manage clients, Lists to manage to-do and tasks etc. Educators, professors, students, lecturers etc, need serious application for their work and study. Combining the power, security, stability and superior interface, Pagico provides educators an ideal platform to obtain maximum productivity. topics to centralize research findings; Snapshot to manage archives; Contacts to manage students and colleagues; Stickies to take notes quickly.

Features of Pagico Professional
· Flowchart of your schedule. Pagico presents your upcoming schedule with intuitive graphics.

· Write notes on the go. With your cellphone or any public computer, you can write notes wherever you are, into your Pagico at home.

· Search, at any time. Search for everything(including tasks, activities, topics, files and more) at once, lightning fast.

· Auto-Keyword. The names of contacts, topics and tags are clickable links, so you are always only 1 click away from relative data.

· Schedules, collected.Tasks, schedule events are presented all together, so you’ll never miss a thing.

· .iCal Compatible. You can use your favorite calendar program to browse all schedule info in Pagico.

· As easy as Drag&Drop.Drag your files, and drop them in Pagico. It’s that simple.

· Password-protected. Do you store private data on your computer? Lock up Pagico when you leave.

· Data Management Organize in "topics". You can organize all kinds of data under certain topics, just as you do with folders.

· Explore your tags! No more piles of folders. Browse your topics by unlimited depth tag-trees in millions of ways. All automatically.


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