PrestoNotes 4.9.7

Michel Meynsbrughen
2.5 MB
Operating System
Windows All
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PrestoNotes is a freeware tool for Windows that lets you write little memos and stick them on your screen.

Each note may be entirely personalized:

  • image (each note have a text side and an image side)
  • background and text color
  • Transparency
  • character fonts
  • title bar
  • scroll bar
  • position and size
  • displayed over other windows, or not
  • possibility to open or save in an external file (.txt)
  • entirely customized alarm setting :
  • single events (the alarm sets off only once)
  • recurrent events (the alarm sets off on desired frequency) :
  • yearly, monthly, weekly, daily, hourly
  • option to precise the exact time
  • option to get a warning signal before the event really takes place :
  • from 1 to 30 days before, from 1 to 23 hours, from 1 to 59 minutes.

When the alarm sets off the note appears on the screen and may also:

  • ring a bell or play a sound of your choice (.wav type)
  • start a program of your choice
  • achieve a chosen operation through its associated application program
  • randomly change the wallpaper of Windows
  • randomly change the screen-saver of Windows
  • Shut down Windows (XP/2000 only)


  • A function permits to be warned when a new e-mail comes to your provider (very useful for anybody who have a permanent connection).
  • Possibility to send and receive notes on a local network or via Internet. A small address book is included to store your favorite users.
  • WYSIWYG print of any note. The note is printed just as it looks on the screen.
  • A search feature enables you to find any text inside all your notes.
  • Possibility to show a splash screen with the logo of your
    company. To obtain a personalized version of PrestoNotes, just contact
    the author.
  • Open web sites in your Internet browser.
  • Keyboard shortcuts.

What's New

· bug : in some cases, the deletion of a mail was impossible
· bug : in some cases, the check for new mail could give a fatal error 12 or 0
· bug : Under Windows Vista / 7, with the UAC enabled, a fatal error 70 (acces denied) occured when trying to copy text of a note with the context menu
· bug : a missing file in the standard package prevents from having the help notes


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