Proactime Pro 10.64

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Personal Info Managers

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Proactime Pro 10.64

PROACTIME PRO , the new generation of personal information managers.  As the SWISS Knife of personal organization thanks to its multiple functions, it represents the inevitable tool to improve intellectual performances and hence personal productivity.

PROACTIME PRO , trilingual, enables :

  • to design, filter, structure and plan one’s activities,
  • to group them by projects and metaprojects in order to keep overview,
  • to have at one’s command an automatic scheduling feature to keep up-dated one’s projects in an ever moving world, >
  • to organize the daily schedule by blocs of activities or by single actions in taking account of one’s cycles of energy,
  • to know without entry the time spent with standard activities, with specific actives and with PC applications,
  • to know the planned workload,
  • to identify the actual priority,
  • to structure one’s thoughts and ideas,
  • to gradually develop a personal knowledge base,
  • to design knowledge trees and nets of keywords to access all resources needed to accomplish the planned actions,
  • to use filing methods in order to maintain direct access to one’s books, documents and files,
  • to send, receive and manage one’s mails
  • (OUTLOOK, POP3 / SMTP) with automatic filtering and filing.
  • to preserve one’s solvency by the help of a personal finance management which enables to keep track of revenues and expenses (shopping lists and standing orders included).

Thanks to its context menus, its drag&drop functions and its online help, PROACTIME PRO is an easy to use software tool.


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