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Task Planner

Task Planner is a staff scheduling tool, that separates the problem into three:

The activity schedule, showing what is to be done when.
The work schedule, showing who is available when.
The assignment problem of who is to do what and when.
Highlights from the feature list
The scheduling task is performed with the look and feel of a planning board.
Creation of a plan using templates is a matter of seconds.
Automatic allocation of resources to activities based on qualifications and availability of resources.

Features of Task Planner

  • Offer an interface which gives an instant overview of the scheduling task.
  • Offer facilities, which make it easy to build and maintain the activity and work schedules.
  • All changes to the schedules are made directly on screen with the look an feel of a planning board.
  • Perform automatic assigment of resources to activities with respect to:
  • The qualifications needed for a task and the qualifications offered by the resources.
  • The availability of resources.
  • Teams, ie. a distinct set of persons assigned to a distinct set of tasks.
  • Job Rotation.
  • Predefined templates, from which actual schedules may be derived, simply by repeatedly superimposing the template upon a scheduling period.
  • This greatly simplifies the scheduling task, as only exceptions need to be handeled.
  • The templates looks and behaves like ordinary schedules.
  • Finally templates can be used for simulating.
  • The work schedule of each person can be synchronized into the calendar of their PalmPilot.
  • Applicability
  • The program is applicable in Healthcare, kindergarten, facility service business and other sites where the tasks and duties exhibits a recurring pattern and where the scheduling task is of such complexity, that manual composition is difficult.



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