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The easiest way to learn more about VueMinder Calendar Pro is to download and try it for free! There’s absolutely no risk, and if you find VueMinder Calendar Pro doesn’t do everything you need, it can be removed quickly and without any hassles. Also, if you choose to purchase the program, we offer an additional 30-day money back guarantee.

Feature Overview
VueMinder Calendar Pro provides content-rich popup reminders, desktop alerts, and reminders that can be sent via email or SMS. It includes Outlook integration, Excel import/export, calendar subscriptions/publishing using the iCalendar standard, and much more. Here’s a summary of the many unique features you’ll find in VueMinder Calendar…

Flexible reminder options (Pro only)

  • Popup reminders can contain pictures, video, music, or embedded web pages.
  • Reminders can also be displayed via desktop alerts, which can be set to automatically snooze and to play a sound when displayed.
  • Reminders can be sent via email and SMS text messages, both to yourself as well as any other people you’d like to receive your reminder.
  • Calendars can be individually configured with default reminder options for new events.
  • Recently dismissed, snoozed, or sent reminders can be easily accessed and redisplayed.

Microsoft Outlook and Excel Integration (Pro only)

  • Calendars can be imported and exported to Microsoft Outlook and Excel.
  • Automatic Outlook synchronization allows you to view or modify the same calendar in both VueMinder Calendar and Outlook.

Integrated Desktop Calendar

  • An interactive calendar can be optionally integrated into the Windows desktop, allowing quick and easy reference to your schedule.
  • Many of the features available on the main window, such as event creation and modification, can be performed from within the Desktop Calendar.
  • The Desktop Calendar properties, such as transparency, size, and location, can be easily modified directly from the desktop.

Fully customizable calendar category and event appearances

  • Assign a font name, style, and color, as well as a two-tone gradient background to each calendar category or to individual events.
  • There are infinite possibilities when customizing calendar and event appearances.

Publish your calendars (Pro only)

  • Share your calendars by publishing to any location, including secure servers using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) 3.0 or TLS (Transport Layer Security) 1.0 protocols, when available.
  • Bi-directional calendar sharing means you can modify a subscribed calendar and publish its changes. This is perfect for groups of people that need to share the same calendar.

Repeating tasks (Pro only)

  • Perfect for those easy-to-forget tasks that need to be performed periodically, such as replacing the furnace filter or checking the smoke detector batteries.
  • When you complete a repeating task, simply click its checkbox and the next due date of the task will be automatically calculated. There’s no need to manually redefine the task for the next time it’s due.
  • You can also mark events as being completed. Completed events can either be hidden or faded in the day, week, or month views.


What's New

· Added the ability to choose a highlight color for selected dates. This setting can be found in the Appearance Options window.
· Added the ability to re-order calendar groups via drag-and-drop.
· Improved the creation of new events, so when an event is added to a
hidden calendar, or assigned to a filtered priority, location or
category, the filter is automatically removed to make the newly created
event visible.
· Improved the Calendar Properties window to allow group assignment to be viewed or modified.
· Improved the Calendar List, so the expanded/collapsed state of
calendar groups is saved and restored when the program is restarted.
· Corrected problems with events sometimes not appearing when they should be. They were being incorrectly filtered.
· Corrected the apearance of all-day events in the Day and Week views,
when displaying events by category, priority, or location.
· Corrected the calendar list so when a new calendar is created while a
group is selected, the new calendar gets added to the selected group
instead of the "My Calendars" group.
· Corrected a problem with calendar group assignments sometimes not being saved or restored when the program is restarted.
· Corrected the calendar list so groups that don't contain calendars can be deleted.
· Corrected a problem opening tasks from the Desktop Calendar when double-clicking tasks in the task list.
· Corrected border colors in the Event List when displaying completed events.


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