Riccicedricdesign Action Effects 1.0

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Riccicedricdesign Action Effects 1.0 (Windows)

Riccicedricdesign Action Effects is a suite of 7 automated retouching Actions for Adobe Photoshop CS, Adobe Photoshop CS2 and Adobe Photoshop CS3.

This suite has been conceived to drasticaly ease your photo enhancement. It will allow you to gain considerable time and obtain professional results in just a few clicks, even for Photoshop beginners.

Each action is activated by a simple click in the Photoshop Actions window or by using the dedicated shortcuts.

  • Glow Effect:
    Add a calm and diffuse ambiance to your picture, also softening any unwanted details.
  • Sky Enhancer Effect:
    This action allows you to enhance a landscaped photo lacking contrast or over exposed.
  • Nice Sepia Effect:
    Creates a stylish sepia effect and applies some diffusion effect to your photo.
  • Bloom Effect:
    This action simulates, in a stylish way, a photo taken on a sunny day.

The Riccicedricdesign Action Effects never directly alters your original photos. Some of the actions will duplicate your starting image or add the effects on a new layer in your layers tree.


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