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AmoK Playlist Copy

Probably you know the scenario: You have a playlist (Winamp, Windows Media Player, iTunes or Foobar) with your favourite music but as soon as you want to copy files from the playlist to an MP3-Player, an USB stick or burn them on a CD, you get a problem: The music files are in different folders and it would mean heaps of work to get the MP3s out of every folder separately.

Here is where AmoK Playlist Copy helps. AmoK Playlist Copy can read in a playlist and copy all contained files to a folder, MP3-Player, USB-Stick or whatsoever. In the target folder a new playlist is created or alternatively the files are numbered to keep the order of the playlist. And there are many features more: the original folder structure may be flattened, files may be numbered or alphabetically ordered, there is an internal mp3 player and the playlist of a currently running winamp may be imported.


  • Copies files of a playlist to a folder/mp3-player/usb-stick/…
  • Copies to targetdir%albumname% (optional)
  • Keep original structure of folders or flatten them
  • Keep order of playlist through numbering of files (01-…; 02-…; 03…)
  • Alphabetic sorting (optional)
  • Multilanguage
  • Import and Export of Winamp Playlists (*.m3u; *.pls), Windows Media Player Playlists (*.wpl), iTunes und Foobar playlists
  • Edit the Playlists
  • Add additional files
  • Drag & Drop Support
  • Filter certain files
  • Show and edit ID3-Tags
  • Integrated audio player
  • Use of external audio player possible
  • Import playlist of currently running winamp
  • Updatecheck
  • 100% freeware
  • Free support
  • With and without installer/setup available


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