Movie Magician 2.5

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Movie Magician 2.5

Manipulate video with this award winning tool that can transpose, and alter tempo speeds. Mutate the video however you like! Movie Magician is video player-utility which supports most of the common video formats and it is capable to :

  • Play video and audio together at variable speed without affecting audio pitch (music key)
  • Change the audio pitch (transpose music key) without affecting video speed
  • Loop-repeat selected parts of video and audio
  • Recalculate and play movie to desired duration without loosing audio
  • Take a precise movie snapshots in 5 image formats

Besides some convenient and purely fun software implementations like :

  • Contraction of slow, boring movie scenes without loosing dialogs and music
  • Adjusting movie duration to your available time
  • Looping favorite exciting scenes in slow motion with audio
  • Prank with actor or movie you don’t like so much

Movie Magician is a professional tool in following areas:

  • Dance – choreographers and dancers could easily adjust video speed according to their needs
  • Acting – acting teachers can slow down movies and study gestures, motion, diction and pronunciation of great actors with their students
  • Movie translation – software could be used to translate movies easily and efficiently
  • Music – musicians could slow down and repeat parts of music videos which are to fast to be recognized and transcribed correctly . As a result ,they could learn plenty of new playing techniques ,improve their playing skill ,enhance quality and exactness of music they are playing – music video can be transposed in other key ,instead of retuning musical instrument – singers can change the music key to match their voice range ,or slow down music to understand words spoken in foreign language – music teachers can demonstrate to their students skills ,techniques of great musicians through slowing down their interpretations


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