MusicBee 1.2.3705 Beta

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Windows Vista Windows Xp

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If you are looking for an application geared toward managing extensive music collections, easy to use and with a comprehensive feature set – MusicBee is that application MusicBee makes it easy to organize, find and play music files on your computer, on portable devices and on the web.


  • Organize music files and edit tags in your library with a powerful and easy to use interface.
  • Have new music files automatically added to your library from
    monitored folders, with the option to tag the files from an Inbox
  • Securely rip CD tracks as individual files or as a single album with embedded cuesheet, and with validation.
  • Automatically look up Album Art, Lyrics and tag other metadata
    from the web. Have a track identifed using its digital sound signature.
  • Play MP3,
    FLAC, Vorbis, WMA files and optionally have tracks scrobbled to Play the web – playlists are created from MP3 blogs you visit.
  • Play and Sync iPods and MP3 players, converting and levelling tracks on-the-fly.
  • Create dynamic playlists based on your own rules.
  • Have the Auto-DJ create a playlist for you and discover new
    music tracks from the web (or old ones from your collection you have
    forgotten about!)

What's New

· new windows 7 folder library integration which is displayed in the Computer section
· new preference to run MusicBee as a portable application (Preferences/ System)
· new handling for external cuesheets
· new Album Autotagger now uses for track information if no match is found on MusicBrainz
· new detection of gapless info tags for iTunes encoded mp3 and m4a files for playback in MB
· new Audio Books section
· new detection of iTunes podcast tags when scanning files
· new drag/drop tracks from library to Audio Books or to Podcasts
· new replay gain (smart/track/album) switch in the Controls menu
· new equaliser button now shows a different icon if the equaliser or any dsps are active
· new copy text selection from web-browser
· new handling for data DVDs
· new intergation with lossyWAV to reduce the size of lossless files when ripping a CD or converting formats
· new option to search using google for missing lyrics using Auto-Tag by Track/ Update Missing Lyrics on a single file
· new link in lyrics panel when lyris could not be located to open a google search window
· new right click in lyrics panel and paste lyrics from the clipboard directly into a music file
· new preferences with the track information panel
· new 'Layout' preferences tab. It has all the layout preferences in one place
· new font handling - now defaults to the Windows default font but can be overridden
· new preferences for lossyWAV encoding
· new synchronised lyrics handling
· new cd-text retrieved (if available and supported by your cd-drive) when loading cd tracks
· new tree style on the left navigation panel
· new 2 extra custom web links for the Track Information panel
· new automatic retry when a file has been locked for creating/updating files
· new Layout preference to locate the player controls at the top or bottom of the now playing list, or in the bottom pane as now
· new filtering for your music library
· new Now Playing notification preference to change the information displayed in the windows title bar
· new device preference to specify the root folder for podcasts on MTP and USB devices
· new device preference for iPods to force artwork to be embedded in the copied music files
· new Windows Explorer folder associatons
· new ability to select multiple-albums in the artwork layout
· new spectrum visualisation on the player control panel
· new snapping to screen edges when moving the MusicBee window (and mini-player)
· new single click on player control planel locates the track in the library
· new hotkey to edit the last clicked cell in the main panel
· new read/write handling for .lyr lyric files
· new ripping option to always show results
· new Playlists folder location setting in the Library preferences
· new setting on track auto-numbering utility to reset the track count for each disc or aggregate track number/ count across all discs in an album
· new Visualisations now implemented
· new keyboard handling for multi-media keyboards
· new setting on file converter to add the new files to the Inbox
· new import playlists from, including Loved tracks and your own user playlists
· new support for Windows Media Player visualiser plugins
· new expand/collapse panels in the Auto DJ to make more room for the generated list of tracks
· new Lyrics V2 support (read only)
· new lyrics source LYRDB
· new Playlists filter in auto-playlist now also includes playlist folders ie. selecting a folder selects all playlists in that folder
· new Track Title and Album sorting now also ignores prefixes set in Tag preferences
new hotkeys:
· Rating Now Playing 0.5 stars Up or Down
· Rating Selected Files 0.5 stars Up or Down
· View: Show Now Playing Notification
· View: Show Lyrics in Floating Window
· new show lyrics in floating window can be invoked by double clicking on the Lyrics header or button depending on the Now Playing panel layout, or invoked from the drop down
· new multiple selection of genres in the Suggested Genres window (invoked from the genre splitter in the tag editor)
· new genre-only auto-tagger (righ click> Auto-Tag by Track> Overwrite Genre Tag Only) - it optionally allows you to auto-tag multiple genres to a file
· improve startup time compared to version 1.1
· improve Selected Track tab in the Now Playing list so that multiple track selections aggregate, and updates to artwork now updates all the selected tracks
· improve behaviour of playing CDs from windows explorer - startup time should improve in some cases and playback starts quicker
· improve Tag Inspector so you can see view and save ID3v1, ID3v2 and APE tags separately
· improve and fix bugs with play count synching. Playcounts are now cached so improving the speed when re-synching
· change lossyWAV encoding so output file has '.lossy' added to the filename
· change folder.jpg file now auomatically unprotected when saving a picture and you have administrator rights on your PC
· change behaviour when 'portable application' is enabled so the musicbee library is stored as a relative reference in the startup settings.
· change 'Play with MusicBee' now sorts by filename when playing files from Window Explorer
· change blank tag values no longer display in the Track Information panel
· change behaviour when MusicBee is opened via playing tracks from Windows Explorer so the Now Playing panel is opened
· change behaviour when no tracks selected in the main panel so only the first track is automatically selected when invoking commands from the main panel toolbar
· change file organiser so all files with the same filename (different extension) are relocated with a music file that is moved
· change auto-organise so files with embedded cuesheets apply folder naming rules as now, but keep their filename
· change timeout period for
· change playcount sync to use all playcounts rather than just the top tracks
· change handling for files containing mixture of APE and ID3 tags. Previously APE tags were only read if no ID3 tags were present, now both are read with ID3 taking precendence in conflicts
· changed Send To > Copy (Folder) - when copying files from a playlist, filenames are now prefixed with the sequence number of the file in the playlist
· fix web-browser failing when old versions of xulrunner exist in windows system folders
· fix lossyWAV file naming
· fix auto-scrolling when dragging tracks in the Now Playing list
· fix auto-tag synchronised lyrics not saving to the synchronised lyrics tag (MP3 files only)
· fix silent error being thrown for certain types of drives (the drive doesnt display on the computer section)
· fix 'cancel/ retry' dialog not cancelling if the x button is clicked
· fix minor GUI glitch when closing tab in certain circumstances
· fix device synch failing for a file if artwork resizing enabled and the picture is corrupted
· fix various GUI bugs with floating window lyrics
· fix web-browser failing in certain circumstance (eg. older xul-runner dlls in windows system folder)
· fix 2nd cd drive not accessible from cd ripper/ not displayed in the left navigator panel
· fix Ctrl-A, Select All now works in Artwork layout
· fix Select All in Detail and Album layout so right clicking preserves the selected tracks
· fix popup-window when double clicking on artwork to show title bar and close button for non-windows skins
· fix music root folder preference on MTP devices now works with secondary storage cards
· fix podcast file accesible status to update when located on an external hdd that has been turned off/ on
· fix now playing list doubling the playable tracks when playing a folder from windows explorer
· fix closing file organiser throwing an error when the window was closed before the re-organisation assessment had completed
· fix now playing track information losing the height setting on restart when viewing in maximised window mode
· fix auto-dj panel not enabling the custom filters button on startup when a custom filter is ticked
· fix encoding to AAC/MPEG when no genre
· fix google search link not working for lyrics
· fix cd rip speed (was previously not ripping at maximum cd spin speed)
· fix flac ripping so volume calculation is done
· fix to stop always being searched even when disabled in the preferences
· fix file converter and synch to device no correctly naming files from embedded cuesheets
· fix Volume Analysis not distinguishing zero voulme adjustment from zero adjustment
· fix handling for reading corrrupted PRIV tags
· fix CD ripping losing the downloaded picture (only affects users where the destination drive is different to the main hard disc drive)
· fix crashing when MTP device detection is enabled on some computers.
· fix Auto-Tagger not saving artist and track title for the 'Identify Track and Overwrite Tags' function
· fix Auto-Tagger not returning non-ascii characters correctly in the 'Identify Track' function
· fix File Organiser not honouring the filename part of a naming template for files with embedded cuesheets
· fix sort by File Size
· fix File Converter not writing the first frame correctly when converting to MP3 format
· fix handling for blank encoder information (foobar blanks the encoder info when you use the Fix VBR header function)
· fix metadata handling for WMA radio streams
· fix 'Play Now' preference: 'queue selected tracks and play now' not working correctly in certain circumstances
· fix handling for first time an iPod is used to alert when administrator rights is required
· fix column re-ordering not being persisted for auto-playlists
· fix edit box in main panel not moving in-line when the panel is scrolled


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