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TwonkyMedia Manager 1.3.1

TwonkyMedia manager streams your music, photos and videos to compatible devices in your home. Playing media on a compatible device is easy. Just drag and drop a media file or playlist onto the icon for the device. For example, if you want to play a slideshow of your favorite photos on your TV, simply drag the playlist onto the TV icon.

Creating playlists in TwonkyMedia manager is simple. And if you don’t want to create a playlist, you don’t have to. You can just drag entire albums, genres, or highest rated items and stream your music, photos and videos immediately.

With TwonkyMedia manager, you can share your media on compatible devices throughout your home. Want to send a photo slideshow to your digital photo frame? No problem. Watch your favorite videos on the TV? Easy. Play music in every room in your house? TwonkyMedia manager makes all this possible.


  • TwonkyMedia manager includes TwonkyMedia server, popular DLNA-certified software that allows you to access your media on hundreds of popular CE devices (including Xbox 360® and PS3®).
  • TwonkyMedia manager works with DLNA-certified digital media adapters, A/V systems, TVs, PCs, game consoles and mobile devices. DLNA-certified products are tested to ensure that they work well together.
  • TwonkyMedia manager also works with most UPnP AV-compliant devices, even if they are not DLNA-compliant. This means it also works with hundreds of UPnP media servers (both software and NAS devices) and UPnP control points–including popular mobile phones and UPnP media renderer hardware.
  • With TwonkyMedia manager you can access your media, playlists or slideshows from any room in the house using a PC or low-cost digital media adapter. This makes it easy to view your digital photos from the comfort of your couch.
  • TwonkyMedia manager can be controlled externally by other PCs running TwonkyMedia manager. You can share music, photos or video with your friends or family members by simply dragging it on an icon in TwonkyMedia manager representing their PC.
  • Simply drag and drop media onto a device icon to play it on supported devices around your home. This makes it easy to push content to your TV or stereo system.
  • TwonkyMedia manager allows you to access online content on popular Internet sites including Flickr™, Photobucket™, Picassa™, and SHOUTcast™. All you need is a low-cost digital media adapter or Smart TV.
  • TwonkyMedia manager is very powerful. It’s designed to work with the largest media collections and is capable of streaming multiple high-definition video feeds at once.
  • It’s an open system, it reads your iTunes® song library and playlists, and even works with popular third-party media servers, including Windows Media Connect and NAS devices with embedded media server software.
  • TwonkyMedia manager lets you search or browse making it easy to find media that’s scattered across several PCs in your home.

Here are some of the things you can do with TwonkyMedia manager:

  • Play a photo slideshow on your TV
  • Stream photos to any compatible digital photo frame in your network
  • Play music in every room (from the same or multiple playlists)
  • View Flickr, Photobucket or Picassa photos on your TV or digital photo frame
  • Listen to Internet radio

Managing Media:

  • Create smart playlists by rating, genre, artist and more
  • Search photos by name, date, rating or keyword
  • Create descriptions for photos
  • Search music by song name, artist, genre or rating
  • Play an entire album or genre of music without having to create a playlist
  • Play a slideshow of photos by rating or album without having to create a playlist


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