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Data Doctor Advance KeyLogger

Need to track down your child PC activities on the
internet, actions performed by your employees on the computer system or
to monitor the overall PC usage. Advance KeyLogger Software is a
complete solution that helps you to track and record the entire computer
activities including all system and internet activities and other
similar computer applications.

PC surveillance utility monitors
active windows applications, browsed web pages, emails, chat sessions
(voice chat conversations) and captures windows screenshots at regular
interval of time. Similarly, software records browsed web pages,
clipboard activities and all typed keystrokes including
language-specific character, Talk and Message conversation, Typed
Documents etc. Software even records any modification altered in
computer startup time and various changes made in system date/time by
any user on your PC.

Hidden Key logger surveillance
tool can even work in stealth mode and remains undetectable in
Add/Remove program list, Start Menu, Program Files, thus provides no
visual proof of software running. Easy to understand utility saves every
typed activities in encrypted log files and secretly sends saved report
to your e-mail address or upload text log using FTP server settings as
per defined by you. Computer monitoring utility is very useful to
monitor the PC activities of employees during office hours and internet
activities of children while you are away from Home.

Software Features:

  • Records entire system activities (Keystroke
    typed, Clipboard entries, Screenshots, Windows applications, System
    information, Changes made in system date and time, Sound Clips etc).
  • Records overall internet activities (Online
    Audio chat conversations, Website visited, Composed and send emails,
    Internet cookies, Temporary files).
  • Provides option to secretly monitor the
    computer activities in stealth mode.
  • Password protected utility prevents
    unauthorized users to change or modify software configuration settings.
  • Register every activity of your PC to
    encrypted log file format.
  • Generate the log report in Text or Html file
  • Delivers the log report via email or using FTP
  • User-friendly GUI does not require any special
    skills to operate the software.


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