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Lock My Computer

Lock My Computer is a powerful desktop security solution for personal or publicly accessible computers running the Windows Operating Systems. It disallows unauthorized changes to various settings of the Windows system, such as Control Panel, Desktop, Local Security Policies, Outlook Express account settings, and many more others. It can disable access to local hard disks, Floppy, CDROM, and removable drives or make them read-only. By locking and hiding or making read-only of programs, files, and folders, Lock My Computer can prevent them from being launched, modified or deleted. Lock My Computer supports creating unlimited number of user accounts with each one has his own password and protection list. Additional features include password protected launching and uninstallation of itself, preventing malicious changes on the Internet Explorer, step by step easy-to-use security configuration wizard, export/load security profile, and supports for all formats of FAT/FAT32/NTFS.

Reasons to use Lock My Computer:

  1.     Restricts use of CD-ROM, floppy, removable storage disk.
  2.     Prevents changes to various Windows settings.
  3.     Restricts running of selected applications.
  4.     Password-protects and hides files and folders.
  5.     Password-protects launch and uninstallation of itself.
  6.     Prevents others from deleting, renaming, moving, or modifying important files.
  7.     Supports an unlimited number of user accounts.
  8.     Protection profiles you create are fully reusable.
  9.     Prevents Internet Explorer from being hijacked.
  10.     Keeps working under Windows Safe Mode.
  11.     Works under the following file systems: FAT/FAT32/NTFS.


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