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MAXA Cookie Manager 4.0

A cookie (also tracking cookie, browser cookie, and HTTP cookie) is a small piece of text stored on a user’s computer by a web browser. A cookie contains bits of information such as user preferences, shopping cart contents, or anything else the website you visit wants to set.

Cookies, today, can do a lot more than this definition provides for. In fact, most people are unaware that there are other types of cookies, in addition to the typical HTTP style browser cookies.

There are many new cookie technologies available to webmasters. Collectively, these are called Super Cookies. However, today, probably the most dangerous type of cookie is the Flash cookie that is being used by many of today’s popular websites.

The problem here, is that while standard HTTP cookies can only store roughly 1024 bytes of information, Flash cookies can store up to 5 megabytes of information. That’s 50 times as much information!

And, what’s even worse, is that today’s browsers cannot delete these cookies and, the icing on the cake, is that the information is shared among all installed browsers!


  • List all of the types of cookies on your computer
  • Decide which cookies are safe and which ones are dangerous
  • Automatically delete cookies as they appear on your computer
  • Block entire domains so that all cookies from an entire website are blocked
  • Create and manage both white lists and black lists – Increasing productivity by keeping the cookies that you actually need!


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