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Click was developed to help you make screenshots. Although standard
shortcuts prevent you from making screenshots while watching a DVD
movie, this is not a problem for Click. You can take a screenshot
manually by pressing Option-Command keys and also select automatic
operation where a screenshot is taken periodically (1 – 60 minutes).
You can also select whether the screenshot should be of the top window
or the whole screen.

If you are using the DVD Player
and "Top Window" is selected, hide the DVD Player Controller (DVD Player
menu Window > Hide Controller) which is always the top window so
that it cannot be covered. Otherwise, you will be taking a screenshot
of the Controller.

When you launch Click you see the Control Panel where you select
options. In addition, you can select from the Sound menu whether or not
you want to hear a shutter click when screenshots are taken. The
Control Panel’s location and application settings are saved between

When you first launch Click, a folder titled
"ClickScreenshots" is created in the Users/~/Documents Folder.  The name of the file is the date and time of the screenshot.
Minimize the Control Panel (click on the top left yellow
button) to start the operation. Screenshots cannot be taken while the
Click Control Panel is visible.


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