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Differencia is a data comparison and diff tool, exclusively for Mac OS X. Differencia can easily compare data files from multiple applications, even when file and data formats differ. Data file comparisons and reconciliations are painless, saving you time, money and frustration.  Differencia can be used to perform cash, stock, and bank reconciliations. It can compare Excel and Numbers spreadsheets, or diff data from SQL databases and any application that exports to a flat file format.

Compare Apples and Oranges

  • Differencia effortlessly handles different file and data formats, so there is no time-consuming, error-prone massaging of data files into the same format. Remove expensive custom software and directly compare raw data. Differencia delivers painless reconciliation, exception processing and comparisons.

Minimal Configuration

  • Differencia automatically identifies file layouts, even identifying the text, date, time or number format for each field. The only configuration required, is to select which fields to compare. With a comparison template from the online database, you can even skip that step. Simply select the files and run the comparison.

International Flag Bearer :

  • Differencia can handle international date and time formats, so "13.11.07" matches with "11/13/07" and "13th Nov 2007". It also deals with number formats, matching "$1,000.00" with "USD 1.000,00". Differencia identifies localised text encodings and gracefully handles Mac, Unix and even Windows line endings.

Record Matching

  • Along with no reformating, records do not need to be sorted into a common order. Instead unique identity fields can be specified with flick of a switch. This might be an order number, transaction ID or SKU. Data fields can also be used to match records, such as the date and value of a banking transaction.


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