EBook Reader 2.0.0

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EBook Reader

Upon launch, Version 2.0.0 loads the eBook being read when last closed, scrolled to where it was last being read. Version 2.0.0 supports annotations (in red font), includes a built-in dictionary, changes the parsing to provide more white space (easier to read), and fixes a bug.

When you launch eBook Reader you see a window with a large text field and multiple controls and displays. The window size depends on your screen resolution. The image above shows the window appropriate for a display with 800 x 600 resolution. With higher resolutions, the window is wider and taller. If you change screen resolution, quit eBook Reader and delete the "ebookreader2.txt" file in the User / ~ / Library / Preferences Folder. A new preference file will be generated to use the appropriate window size.

  • Click the "Get Book" button to go to a web site with a very large number of free eBooks for download at no charge.
  • Browse through the site and choose an eBook of interest available in plain text, with us-ascii encoding, and no compression.
  • Click on a download link, select all (Command-a) and copy (Command-c).
  • Close the browser window, click on the large eBook Reader field, and click on the "Make Book" button.


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