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GPS-Info 2.0

GPS-Info is an application that displays the GPS coordinate embedded in photos, and more. It allows you to show that location in web services, such as Flickr, Panoramio, Google Maps, SmugMug, WikiMapia or MapQuest.

Additionally, you can display the place in Google Earth, export it to KML, and start a geosearch in your CDFinder photo library for photos taken near the place.

The cool, semi-transparent GPS-Info window displays a preview of the photo, and a couple of basic file details, such as its size, creation date, and modification date. The red geotag icon in the bottom right corner of the thumbnail indicates the presence of a geotag in the file already.

The center part contains the geotag. Not just the coordinate, but also the GPS altitude and view direction values, if they are contained in the photo.

Buttons on the right side of the window offer you powerful options to actually use the GPS data. First, you can launch a GeoFinder search in CDFinder, to find photos taken near this place in your CDFinder photo library. And since CDFinder also searches iPhoto, this covers your entire iPhoto database as well, all in one click! Also, you can view the place in Google Earth, which will even be launched for you, if necessary. Exporting the GPS coordinate to the commonly used KML format is also just one click away.

New in this Version :

  • The contextual menu module is gone, and GPS-Info is now ashiny new application (thanks to Snow Leopards lack of support for contextual menu extensions!).
  • The advantage is that we can now extend, debug, and improve GPS-Info so much easier. Stay tuned! 


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