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Keynote Themes 8.0

No one could deny that Keynote is a pretty good program. However, to fully realize its potential, you need something more than the basic program. And that “more” is a lot of themes. It’s a theme pack made by professionals for professionals. Of course, Keynote contains some themes, but, hey, no one wears the same shirt every day. With that in mind, Jumsoft presents its Keynote Themes 8.0 – the 25 fascinating themes to enhance your Keynote presentations.

Keynote Themes 8.0 consists of 20 high-quality designs already available with Keynote Themes 7.0 and 5 totally new creative additions. The five new designs, called Architecture, Purple, Vintage, Hot Chocolate, and Glacier, were produced, like all products from Jumsoft, by professional designers. Each of them reflects the title in a visual way and adds some spice to your presentations.

These new themes are not just beautiful backgrounds. Each one of them includes 30 different layouts, which lets you choose the best way to present your information. Employ the themes to reflect your ideas, and do that with unprecedented ease and innovative style. Appearance has always been important to people, so let us take care of the appearance of the presentation, while you concentrate on the contents.

Furthermore, to improve the overall quality and to suit your professional needs, most of the themes provide you with especially high-quality backgrounds for five different screen resolutions: 1920×1080, 1680×1050, 1280×720, 1024×768, and 800×600.

Quick to Use:
There’s nothing easier than the installation of our themes. All themes by Jumsoft are compatible with all versions of Keynote. Just download our software and proceed with the installation (just press “Next”). After you’re finished, you will find all 25 themes conveniently displayed in Keynote’s Themes menu. Choose the one you need and make your presentation fit the occasion perfectly.

Professional and Distinctive Appearance:
The topic of your presentation does not matter. It could be technical, legal, scientific, or educational. Whatever the topic, you will find the appropriate theme in Keynote Themes 8.0 by Jumsoft. It will boost your confidence and impress the audience, who won’t expect an ordinary presentation to look so professional and innovative.

Another advantage of Keynote Themes is its compatibility. You can easily export your presentation with our themes to various formats, from simple images to PDF or QuickTime-compatible files. Furthermore, after the easy export process, you can even use them with PowerPoint where they will look just as good as in your Keynote.



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