Message 1.3.0

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Users of Subliminal Message Pro (SMP) asked for a version that is
not subliminal. This should satisfy that need. Text messages are
displayed in the center of the display on top of everything. Messages
are grouped into categories; messages displayed are selected from
messages that are checked in list or random order.

Version 1.3.0 uses default
messages in the third person. For example: "You are a caring person"
vice "I am a caring person".

When you launch Message you see the Control Window. Set the top
slider for the on-screen time (1 – 3 sec). Set the bottom slider for
the period between displays (1 to 60 minutes). Above, you see that the
on-screen time is set for 3 sec; messages are set to be displayed every
30 min. Text color is set for black; bold is turned on and font size is
set for normal. Messages are set to be seen (not heard) and selected
at random. You can move the Control Panel out of the way or minimize it
(click on the small yellow button at the top left of the window) and
let Message run as you work in other applications. At the top right
corner of the Control Panel there is an Auto-Min checkbox. If Auto-Min
is checked, the Message Control Panel will be minimized immediately
after launch. Note: If you
minimize Message by using the Menu bar (Message > Hide), the messages
will not continue to flash while you use other applications.

This program comes with five default categories, each with five text
messages, so that you can try Message. You will probably want to make
your own categories and messages. Message has unlimited capacity for
messages and categories. Click on Message Maintenance in the menu to
open the Message Maintenance window. When you first launch Message, the
table includes the default categories and messages. 

Drag the bottom right corner of the Message Maintenance window to
make it taller and let you see more messages without scrolling.

The name of a category must start with an asterisk (*). Category
rows have a light green background. If you click on an existing row and
add a message or category, the added row will be entered directly below
the highlighted row. If a row is not selected, the added message or
category will be placed at the bottom of the table. To edit a message
in the table, click on the message to highlight it, then click on it
again to edit. Click on Return/Enter when finished. You can drag rows
up and down in the list. Displayed messages are chosen from Checked
messages. To Check all rows of a
category, double-click on a category row. To Uncheck all rows of a
category, shift-double-click on a category row. 


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