MoneyWell 1.4.12

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MoneyWell 1.4.12

MoneyWell 1.4.12 details

Most personal financial packages focus on historic information. By
the time users see what has been spent, it’s too late to fix the
problem. MoneyWell shows what’s happening right now with innovative
Spending Buckets and a Money Flow Graph all presenting real-time
feedback. The user knows immediately when spending is getting out of
hand by just glancing at the single-window interface.

Other features include:

– OS X Leopard compatible

– Direct Connect Banking

– Attached Receipts

– Envelope budgeting

– OFX, QFX, QIF, CSV import w/duplicates review

– Scheduled transactions

– Multiple currencies

– Exchange rate conversions

– Single-click reconcile

– Many more features

What’s New in this Version

– Added a warning panel to keep MoneyWell from opening 1.5 and newer databases

– Added Show Welcome Panel to Window menu

– Changed merge transactions to use date from financial intitution

– Fixed missing save after newly updated database finishes

– Fixed Create Transfer from Selection to set bucket optional flag

– Fixed missing shortcut key for Make Bucket Optional

System Requirements

  • Mac OS X 10.4.9 or later



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