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In these times everyone needs to edit an image from time to time. You have to edit it quickly for a blog entry, a presentation or your grand-ma, who learned to send emails.

Nobody needs Photoshop for these kinds of tasks, and definitely not its speed. And nobody should take an evening course to learn how to do it. Definitely nobody has to use underdone or very limited tools, just because they pretend to be easy to use. That’s because myPhotoEdit is here!

myPhotoEdit makes it truly easy and speedy for everyone to edit an image. It’s features range from basic and effective pimp-up to high-class filters for sophisticated stuff.

myPhotoEdit is especially made to be flexible, very speedy and clear while doing common editing.

Just to get that right. Only because editing becomes a no-brainer with myPhotoEdit doesn’t mean the results are ordinary. Quiet the opposite is true. With myPhotoEdit everyone can come up with world-class results in a blink.

Key Feature:

  • gorgeous and intuitive interface
  • open | edit | export | save almost any image
  • RAW image support
  • drag-and-drop images
  • sophisticated quick edit tools
  • simple image resizing with presets
  • fast (very fast) export for web with presets
  • marquee | lasso | hand | rotate tools
  • one-click switch between original | edited image
  • high class filters built right in (HDR, Lomo etc.)
  • optimized for speed
  • basic | quick | advanced adjustments set
  • Photoshop shortcuts
  • quick reset
  • lossless image rotation
  • integrated database for recent images
  • automatically create backups
  • uses Core Image | Open GL | ColorSync
  • lots of more nifty features

What’s New in this Version:

  • added support for additional RAW formats
  • improved selection tools
  • improved Bleach Bypass filter for smaller images
  • improved HDR filter for smaller images
  • some bug fixes


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