MyTime 1.3.2

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MyTime’s layout has been kept as simple as possible. The main window displays all vital information about clients, projects and tasks. Of course, as any good program, table columns are costumizable to fit your style. If you have a need for that extra information you removed from your column, such as a client’s address or your personal notes, they are kept in two sliding drawers.

This way your screen doesn’t get too cluttered, but you can still access all the info you need with just a click, whenever you need it. MyTime’s dock icon is animated by default so you know at a glance whether your work time is being recorded.

Alternatively you could have MyTime as a status menu item, showing you the task you’re currently working on and how much time you have spent on it already. All of these displays are optional and can be turned on or off inside the Preferences. Despite these animations, MyTime uses very little CPU power so your computer doesn’t get slowed down, and the CPU spends its time where it’s needed, doing your bidding.

Features of MyTime

  • MyTime is 100% Cocoa and leverages technology built into Mac OS 10.3 (Panther).
  • My Time requires little time from your processor while running, so that you can get on with your work.
  • Customizable invoice creation.
  • Flexible export options.
  • Native file format for backing up files.
  • Even keeps track of time while your computer is sleeping.
  • Tracks how much time you spend using each application.
  • Rendezvous support.
  • Specific time tracking (hours worked).



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