Pages Clipart 6.0

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Pages Clipart 6.0

Jumsoft introduces an immense improvement on its already rich collection of 500 high-quality images. From now on, the Pages Clipart package contains a total of 1000 shiny clipart pieces to make your text documents even more fascinating. Enliven your presentations, invitations, Web pages, posters, newsletters, and virtually any text content. Make them uniquely yours!

Whether you need to impress your clients, colleagues, professors, or friends, Pages Clipart 6.0 has something to offer. Image themes range from home and family to science and technology, and the collection never stops growing. Use our latest delicious clipart for baby and nature themes or miscellaneous images like a button or an alien spaceship for specific situations.

Pages Clipart 6.0 includes the same trademark features that made the previous versions so well-liked: transparent backgrounds that allow placing images on various colors and patterns as well as availability in two formats, PNG and PDF. PNG allows for more advanced image customization, while PDF enables resizing images while retaining the high quality. Furthermore, Pages Clipart 6.0 is also compatible with Keynote, MS Word, PowerPoint, and different graphics editors.

Such extensive flexibility offers considerable freedom to quickly and smartly customize documents to your needs and make them outstanding. This way, your newsletters stand out among the tons of e-mail messages your clients receive every day, and your presentations become much more fun.

Using Pages Clipart 6.0 is as easy as it gets. It is not even an application, so it does not have to be installed. All you need to do is download the package from this site, copy the Pages Clipart 6.0 folder to your preferred location and use the images whenever you like. Use Copy & Paste or simply drag a selected image onto your document and drop it. You’ll wonder how you ever managed without this!



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