The Print Shop for Mac

Software MacKiev
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Professional software

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The Print Shop for Mac

This new, award-winning edition of The Print Shop introduces a powerful, yet easy to use, set of layout tools such as rulers, grids, and guidelines, along with more than one hundred other new and improved features.Create gorgeous CD labels and cases with track names and times imported from your iTunes playlists or print directly onto printable CDs with EPSON Direct-CD printers.

Import your family photos from iPhoto to create personalized holiday greeting cards. Merge-print address labels using the addresses already entered in your Mac’s Address Book. Make a wall-poster-size sports calendar for your favorite team and import all the team’s games from iCal with a single click.

Packed with high quality photos and graphics and easy-to-use professionally-designed templates, The Print Shop for Mac has everything you need to create impressive-looking greeting cards, envelopes posters, banners, business cards, pamphlets, online greetings, and much more!

System Requirements:

  • Mac OS X 10.2 or later
  • 350MHz PowerPC G3 or higher, including Intel Core Duo
  • 192MB of RAM
  • 490MB hard disk space
  • Universal updater requires The Print Shop 2.0.2 installed 


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