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Keep organized and find your information quickly. The whole philosophy behind proNotes is to give you powerful features that keep you productive without getting in your way.

Notes: The basic component of proNotes is a note. A note has a category, title, status, note text, attachments, a keyword, and to-dos. What’s cool about proNotes is as soon as you save a new note, it’s organized for you in the Main Window and it’s text is searchable. It does all this on the fly. You don’t have to create an organizational scheme or a directory structure in advance. Many more features.

What’s New in this Version:

  • Bug Fixes:
    • if you are in to-do mode when the user reloads the index it exits out of to-do mode
    • fixed a bug that showed "invalid date" for non-US date formats in the Details table
    • corrected a bug that prevented dragging an attachment from one attachment list box to another one a different note
    • the todo list box in the MainWindow didn’t highlight the row if the todo text included the search text
    • the attachment names and paths are now encrypted in the .pronote file
    • the preview pane was redone to address some bugs with clicking on the disclosure triangles and dragging the dividers
    • the lock timer didn’t work, that’s been fixed
  • New Features:

    • you can now edit the note text in the main window
    • added menu items in View to switch statuses
    • added menu items in View to select Category, Title and Details fields
    • adjusted sort order to tab between the tables and the search field
    • added code to allow you to select rows in the category and title fields by typing
    • changed code so that the table in focus highlights in blue while the others highlight in gray
    • added code so command-down arrow in the title field will take you to the details field
    • added code so command-up arrow in the details field takes you to the title field
    • ability to change colors for the entire interface
    • you now have the option to sort the history menu reverse chronologically or alphabetically
    • the "New", "Edit", and "Print" buttons from the main window were moved to the bottom bar to give more space to view notes.
    • a "Save" button was added and will turn active when the note in the main window needs to be saved
    • preferences window has been completely redone
    • you now can set a preference to attach a copy rather than the default behavior which is to move the file into your proNotes folder
    • you can now set a preference to search in the selected Category and Title only. If nothing is found proNotes will automatically search all the other notes.
    • you can now export selected notes to either a TAB or CSV file and select which fields to include.
    • added a preference to automatically open and close the Main Window attachment field depending if the note has attachments. This also adjusts the size of the listbox to just show the attachments.
    • you can rearrange attachments by dragging them in the listbox
    • you can flag attachments in the Attachment Listbox. This helps when you have a note with a lot of attachments but usually need to open a few.
  • New To-Do Features:

    • added the ability to change the due date of to-dos (one or many) by dragging in the main window
    • you can right-click on a to-do in the main window to change it’s priority
    • you can right-click on a to-do in the main window to change it’s due date
    • you and right-click on a to-do in the main window to edit all the to-do parameters
    • the contextual menu for the to-dos displayed in the Details table of the Main Window shows the to-do string as the last menu item

System Requirements

  • Mac OS X 10.4.1 or later


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