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viJournal 2.2.9

viJournal 2.2.9 details

A powerful personal journal application.
It’s designed as an analogue of the good old-fashioned page-a-day bound
diary – the kind you buy in a stationer’s. You write your entries under
dated headers and save them collectively by month and year.

It’s got tons of features for power-journalers – including
blogging and video diary input – whilst being friendly, clean and easy
for all daily diarists.

viJournal Lite, a free version of viJournal, is also
available, plus older versions which will run on Mac OS X 10.4. See the
SkoobySoft website for details and downloads. There’s also an iPhone
version – find it in the App Store.

Your journals are stored on the top shelf of the library, giving you
at-a-glance summary info about their contents. This is where you select
journals for viewing and editing, and manage locking security.

Speaking of which, locking journals
(and individual elements inside them) is quicker and easier than
before. Close and lock a whole journal with a single click, protecting
it from prying eyes. Unlocking is just as easy (but only if you know
your password).

On the bottom shelf of the Library, you’ve got your entries. You can either view them as an outline list or as a calendar.


What’s New in this Version
– Various performance improvements and bug fixes, including improved Snow Leopard compatibility.

System Requirements

  • Mac OS X 10.5 or later
  • Video recording requires QuickTime 7.2.1 or later.



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