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Adobe ColdFusion Builder 1.0

Adobe ColdFusion Builder software is a highly customizable, Eclipse based IDE that enables developers to build ColdFusion applications faster than ever before. It also allows them to save time by managing the entire ColdFusion development cycle from concept to production with one easy-to-use tool.


  • Code insight and code assist: Do more in fewer keystrokes using code insight for code completion in ColdFusion Builder. Introspect ColdFusion components (CFCs) and get code assist for UDF file systems, built-in CFML tags, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and SQL statements in cfquery.
  • Customizable development environment: Save time with a customized environment, including customizable syntax highlighting, keyboard shortcuts, and reusable code snippets to improve your development workflow.
  • Integrated debugger: Reduce testing time and long-term bug issues with the integrated debugger. Launch and step through applications directly within the IDE.
  • CFML template preview: Avoid errors and reduce maintenance work by previewing CFML pages before deployment. Preview using the embedded Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or Apple Safari browser.
  • ColdFusion 7, 8, and 9 version support: Utilize built-in tags and function libraries for ColdFusion versions 7, 8, and 9 to develop new applications or maintain existing ones.
  • Application deployment: Save time by deploying code directly from the IDE using built-in FTP support.
  • Remote project support: Improve team collaboration with a single, shared codebase available to the entire team through remote project support.
  • Object relational mapping: Easily access new object relational mapping (ORM) capabilities in ColdFusion 9. Use the ORM Application Wizard sample extension to create ORM CFCs. Additionally, leverage code assist for cfcomponent and cfproperty to display ORM attributes and functions.
  • Extensibility with CFML: Expand the functionality of ColdFusion Builder by creating custom extensions written in CFML.
  • Integrated development with the Adobe Flash Platform: Accelerate the development of Flex and Adobe AIR applications. Using Adobe Flash Builder 4 software, included with ColdFusion Builder, you can introspect CFCs and automatically generate corresponding ActionScript objects. Take advantage of enhanced integration with Flash Builder to leverage web services.


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