Aptana 1.5.1

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Aptana 1.5.1

Aptana is the leader in web application development, deployment and
management solutions. RadRails is a complete web development
environment that combines powerful authoring tools with tight
integration with Aptana Cloud services. RadRails is built upon the
wildly successful Aptana Studio product.

Features :

  • Cross-platform Ruby on Rails IDE, stand-alone or Eclipse plugin
  • Integrated shell console; rich code completion for Ruby and Rails
  • Integrated debugger and cloud deployment options
  • Built on industry-leading Aptana Studio IDE

Getting Started With RadRails
Since RadRails extends Aptana Studio you also get Studio’s state-of-the-art
support for Ajax providing savvy
JavaScript code completion and debugging, HTML/CSS/JavaScript
code assist, and support for all the leading Ajax libraries.

Cloud Integration
Integration with the Cloud enables you to easily deploy and scale your
Ruby on Rails applications, right from within RadRails.

Integrated Rails Shell
An in-IDE command line for advanced users to start working with Rails
commands quickly without leaving the IDE, and for beginners to learn
the commands that correspond to our UIs for Rake, Generators, Plugins,
and Gems.

Integrated Debugger
Step debug your Ruby and Rails applications right from within RadRails. Look at local variables, set watch variables, set
conditional breakpoints, along with a host of other debugging features.

Ruby Type Hierarchy
Browse and navigate the class and module hierarchy of Ruby code to see
what methods are available, where they’re defined and get the overall
picture of the type you’re working with; as well as quickly jump to any
portion of the hierarchy.



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