BlackBerry Push Service SDK 1.0.1

The BlackBerry Push Service is an essential component of the real-time, always-on experience of BlackBerry smartphones. It offers an incredibly efficient and reliable way of sending information to your users. It also allows your application to process information in the background and alert users.

Use the BlackBerry Push Service to incorporate the characteristics smartphone customers love into your applications, including improved battery life, applications that run in the background and the ability to get instant information.

New update (as of Jan. 12, 2010):
The latest update of the BlackBerry Push Service SDK, v1.0.1, is now available. It includes the following additional features:

  • Support for Subscription Check API: support for the Subscription Check API has been added so you can take advantage of it through the SDK APIs. A set of sync APIs have also been added to automatically synchronize subscriber status with the SDK database.
  • Statistics gathering: allows you to better track data regarding push operations (such as push count and remaining quota) and SDK operations (such as memory, thread pools, work queues).
  • Improved query capabilities: enables simple retrieval of data pertaining to your subscribers and pushes via user-defined criterion.
  • Installer improvements: command-line installation support has been added to the Linux version.


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