CodeSmith 5.1.6 Revision 9466

CodeSmith is a template-based code generator that allows you to generate code for any text language. The code generated can be customized by the use of properties. A property can be any .NET object that has a designer (most built in .NET types have designers already) and can be as simple as a boolean property that allows you to conditionally add or remove code from the result, to an object such as the TableSchema object (included in SchemaExplorer) which provides access to everything you could possibly want to know about a database table. CodeSmith comes with many standard property types and is 100% extensible by allowing the user to create custom property types.

CodeSmith’s syntax is almost identical to ASP.NET. So if you are familiar with ASP.NET then you should be able to quickly learn the template syntax. You can use the C#, VB.NET or JScript.NET languages in your templates and your templates can output any ASCII-based language.


  • Simple Template Syntax
  • Execute Custom Templates
  • Extensible Metadata
  • SchemaExplorer Schema Discovery API
  • XML Support
  • Sub Template Support   
  • Useful Sample Templates   
  • Console Client   
  • CodeSmith Explorer GUI Client   
  • CodeSmith Map Support   
  • CodeSmith Studio IDE
  • Visual Studio Integration (does not include Express Editions)
  • CodeSmith API   
  • Template Caching   
  • Merging Support   
  • CodeSmith Project Support    1 Output
  • MSBuild Support   
  • ActiveSnippet Support


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