EMCO MSI Package Builder 4.1.0

An innovative instrument for automatic generation of Windows Installer packages. It helps you create MSI files ready for silent unattended installation on remote PCs through the domain’s Group Policy or EMCO Remote Installer. The unique technology makes the tasks of creating brand-new installations, customizing the existing ones and converting EXE to MSI fully automatic, effortless and predictable.

EMCO MSI Package Builder goes beyond the scope of typical installation creation tools and straightforward EXE to MSI repackagers. It’s not just another MSI editor or builder. You are not limited by feature set bounds, and at the same time you don’t need to browse hundreds of pages of manuals and learn a specific installation language. Instead, you benefit from an automatic and fully visual MSI creation process based on the pioneer ‘Live Monitoring’ technology.

How can you create MSI or customize an existing installation? With MSI Package Builder you can follow a traditional way and enter the set of files and registry keys for installation manually in the visual editor. Or you can save a lot of effort by trying the automatic build approach benefiting from the ‘Live Monitoring’ technology. In this case, the process is very easy and consists of just a few steps:

  • Start monitoring by pressing the button in the application. This action activates collecting information about changes on the file system and registry.
  • Start the activity to be monitored. It can be an original setup file, which you need to execute to then follow the installation process as usual by selecting options and entering data. Or it can be a set of actions required for a new installation, for example, files copying. All changes undertaken on the file system and the registry are automatically tracked.
  • Stop monitoring by pressing the button when the monitored activity has finished. All monitored actions are displayed in the visual editor and can be changed if required.
  • Build MSI automatically using the monitoring results.

This approach significantly simplifies producing of customized MSI packages for any existing installation. You just need to monitor the installation process where you can select required options. The thus generated package performs exactly the same actions as those taken during the manual deployment and is ready for a remote deployment.


  • Creation of MSI packages, which can be installed manually on a local PC or automatically on remote PCs through Group Policy or EMCO Remote Installer.
  • Intuitive visual editor for managing files, folders, registry and environment installation entries. Truly visual approach – no programming skills required.
  • ‘Live Monitoring’ technology that enables capturing of file system and registry changes caused by any application. Collected data used for MSI creation.
  • Decompilation, which allows decompiling the existing package, making changes and creating a new customized MSI package.
  • Installation of Windows services. Service entries can be defined manually in the visual editor or come from the monitoring results.
  • Extended installation management features: system variables support, control of files and registry keys overwriting, file attributes support, files and registry keys permanence options, etc.



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