Flexible TreeView 2.3

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Flexible TreeView 2.3

Flexible TreeView is the most flexible TreeView/ListView combination control on the market with many unique features inside. It provides developers with a flexible and powerful solution for presentation of hierarchical data with the possibilities not existing in any .NET treeview or listview control on the market today.

Flexible TreeView allows you to make the style of your application unique as well as intuitively clear to the most exacting user!


  • Themes support and complete treeview customization as never before;
  • Very easy to use programming API;
  • Seamless integration with an existing application or 3rd party control libraries;
  • Columns;
  • In-place editing;
  • Text auto-wrapping that is accessible by changing just one property;
  • HTML text tags support;
  • Unique expandable content mode allows you to not overload the treeview with information, to be intuitive and understandable, while at the same time to provide more information on the selected node;
  • Unique node soft selection mode – state-of-the-art feature which allows you to view additional node content when you mouse hover over a node, without selecting a node, which appreciably speeds up data viewing;
  • Summaries complete support with very flexible customization;
  • Possibility to span columns to provide very professional user interface in a minute;
  • Load on demand even for a single node;
  • Custom controls hosting both in a node control body or in the expandable area;
  • Ability to display content on many levels within a node;
  • Popups to popup any content from a node;
  • Cute image animation to draw the user’s eye to a node;
  • Multiple node selection;
  • Multi-column sorting;
  • Data binding;
  • Advanced drag & drop support even between many treeviews or other controls;
  • Full keyboard navigation support;
  • Watermark and advanced background settings;
  • Extended design-time support with on-the-fly preview;
  • TreeComboBox separate control to show the combobox with a treeview as drop down. For Free!
  • Can be used in any .NET language like C#, VB.NET, etc.;
  • and much more…


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