FMOD Designer 4.30

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FMOD Designer 4.30

FMOD Designer provides access to FMOD Ex’s advanced low-level features to sound designers, without the need for programming knowledge. This comprehensive sound design tool allows simple or complex sound events to be modeled and created by the sound designer. The capabilities would include such things as layering, effects, random behaviour, and stitching of sounds. The aim of this tool is to give control of the artistic direction of the audio to the sound designer – and not the programmer.

The sound designer may specify the in game audio within Designer and simply supply the programmer with assets and an event list to implement.

Model Complex Events
The event editor screen allows for complex audio models, such as car engines, dynamic background ambience and crowd simulations to be created. These models may included multiple layers of samples, crossfading, property randomization and automated effects. 3D audio effects for simulating distance can be automatically attached to the FMOD Ex audio engine. FMOD Designer also includes additional audition tools to help the sound designer preview their work.

Real Time Network Auditioning
Get the mix right the first time – by mixing directly on the target hardware! Tweak the mix at run-time by connecting Designer to your FMOD Ex application over a network.

Interactive Music System
FMOD’s interactive music system allows a sound designer to create a music score full of musical variation and non-linear sequencing that connects easily to game state. Construct musical movements and link these movements with seamless or crossfaded transitions. Add dynamic variation using layered audio pieces and one-shot style flourishes. Preserve musicality and synchronize music pieces to the beats you specify.

Wave Bank Management and Localization
Optimize your development time with Designer’s ability to create and manage content for multiple target platforms and language markets within a single project.

The FMOD Profiler allows a sound designer to connect to an FMOD Ex application via a network and monitor its resource usage. The Profiler will identify which DSP effects are active in the FMOD DSP network, and display the complete signal path from waveform through to the soundcard. The profiler can be used to monitor the overall CPU usage as well as the CPU usage of each DSP node.

Auditioning in 3D
FMOD Sandbox is an audition tool from Firelight Technologies and is intended for use with FMOD Designer. FMOD Sandbox provides sound designers with a virtual 3D space in which events can be auditioned. FMOD Sandbox makes auditioning 3D parameters such as distance and listener angle easy!



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