JNIWrapper 3.8.1

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JNIWrapper 3.8.1

JNIWrapper provides simplified access to native code from Java applications without using Java Native Interface (JNI.) You don’t need to create a native library to make system calls or spend time on learning the low-level ins and outs of the system architecture.

JNIWrapper supports both stdcall and cdecl calling conventions and multiple C/C++ data types including structures, unions, and pointers. You can perform all native function calls simultaneously from different Java threads without synchronizing them. The product supports thread-safe concurrent function invocation.

JNIWrapper is capable of handling any large amount of data involved in interactions between the Java and native code, requiring no performance tuning on your part. JNIWrapper allows you to debug native errors on the Java side, putting program execution fully under your control.

All resources allocated by JNIWrapper are released automatically. You can treat JNIWrapper variables as usual Java objects that can be picked up by the Java garbage collector.

Using the Code Generator wizard bundled with JNIWrapper, you can generate Java wrappers for a required set of C types, including structures, unions and callbacks.



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