Microsoft Visual C 2008 SP1

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Visual C# 2008

Design Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) applications with built-in designer support. WPF Designer has snap lines for control margins and Event Tabs for RAD-style design experience. Create data-enabled applications with the lightweight SQL Server Compact Edition or powerful client/serve applications with SQL Server 2008 Express. Build applications using LINQ (Language Integrated Query) which adds data querying capabilities for SQL Server, XML, and objects to Visual C#.  o Support for the Entity Framework and designer tool. Develop quickly with IntelliSense support for the latest Visual C# enhancements

Add cool, fun controls to your projects using the  C4F Developer Toolkit and the C4F Vista P2P Developer Kit

* Create P2P chat applications with no lines of code
* Build applications with easy-to-use drag and drop controls which includes features like Smart Tags, all source code in Visual C#, QuickStart documentation and much more; exclusively developer for Visual Studio 2008 and Windows Vista
* Stream videos to family with a custom WPF P2P video application
* Get started with the new WPF C4F Dashboard application

Connect with your friends and create cool applications with the Facebook Developer Toolkit
Checkout cool fun projects dedicated to Do-It-Yourself developers on Coding4Fun 



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