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QPack software testing tools

QPack Software testing tool of Orcanos assist you in test management as integral part of your application lifecycle management. Orcanos software testing tools work with QPack central ALM system, allowing for more efficient test management, sharing of project data, tracking, and monitoring of development activities.  QPack’s test management tool is designed for both hardware and software testing. A Complete and structured Application Lifecycle Management solution, from requirements definition, through design and specs, Test Plan and Test Execution, Defect Tracking, strong Traceability and reporting tools. QPack’s software testing tool for test management also administers test parameters so that it can support complex testing environments. Rather than using multiple tests scripts and complex Excels sheets during the test management, QPack leverages the usage of parameters in the Testing Life cycle, along with test run result traceability and analysis. These features work together to reduce the work invested on the manual software testing process, and encourages the testers work with more focus.  

Whenever you need to test several configurations, using QPack Testing-Suite parameters – you can write a test case only once and QPack creates and manages all tests scenarios for you. So, whether you have multiple operating systems, browsers, or other internal factors and complex configurations that need testing, QPack’s software testing tools for test management can handle your unique situation saving the resources invested during the manual software test management process.

Free Edition:

  • 5 Users
  • 10 Projects
  • Basic Support



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